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Improve Your Campaigns Through a PPC Audit

If you are struggling with your current PPC campaign, call the PPC Auditing experts at PPC Ads Agency.

Is your Pay-per-Click advertising draining money from you each and every day? Are your PPC ads getting impressions but no clicks? Do you want to decrease the resources you waste, increase the click-through rate, and get better results for your company?

We have pay-per-click audit services that enable you to assess your paid search accounts and review their previous performance. During the PPC audit, our specialists will dive into the specifics of your current PPC setup, highlight the areas for improvement, and develop the paid advertising strategy that will be tailored to your business goals and help you increase conversions and/ or ROI. We make complete reports, including a description of missed opportunities and the steps to be taken to fix them.

Our Process

Our PPC AUDIT Process

Through our unbelievably detailed audit, we can see the whole picture of your PPC campaign. We customise our PPC audits according to your business in the common process flow described below.
We will initiate the onboarding phase of your PPC audit with the kickoff call. With this call, we could ask and answer questions that helped us understand your business more. There is no such thing as two identical businesses, not to mention they do not have the same goals. Through a detailed understanding of your business objectives, our PPC audit team will be able to customise your campaign to suit your company.
Utilising what you’ve already learned by the end of a kickoff call, the professional digital marketers from PPC Ads Agency will start to work on your PPC audit. To start with, our PPC specialists will focus on the account level and will be very meticulous. Here, we’ll discuss the following stages- account settings, audience settings, conversion tracking, and conversion types. The second step of this process is to obtain data at the account level, and then we will delve into the campaign level and analyse your PPC campaigns. This means going deep into what type of campaign, campaign structure, and campaign settings. The final phase of the audit will check campaign targeting, the keywords used, audiences (such as retargeting and affinity), demographics, and devices. Moreover, we will conduct a negative keyword assessment and provide your business with associated
Conducting a PPC audit will help you understand your account’s general health and bring to light the issues that need to be solved. An audit from Boom will clearly pinpoint what steps need to be taken for you to see the results of Paid Search & marketing you wish. PPC audits can be used to increase the click-through rates (CTR) of your campaigns and lower your cost per click (CPC). This will effectively cut unproductive spend and lead to better conversions and ROI.
PPC Audit

Your Business Needs a PPC Audit

A PPC audit will give you a general image of the health of your PPC accounts and draw out the critical issues that need to be fixed. A well-executed Paid Search & marketing audit from Boom will identify the actions needed to help you accomplish your objectives. PPC audits can boost the click-through rates (CTR) of your campaigns and help lower your cost per click (CPC) to cut wasted spend, eventually, the conversion rate & ROI will increase.

achieve your goals

Get the Most Out of Your Ad Budget

Advertising campaigns should shorten your time to reach business goals and provide ROI. If you invest in your ads campaigns but there is no obvious improvement, a PPC audit is the right answer to the problem. Picture the advancing and constructive change it would bring your company.
Engaging with a reliable and competent PPC audit service provider is a must to get the maximum return on your investment. Our team members have a rich background in designing and running ads to reach the maximum conversion rates and reduce expenditure. By contrast, we are driven by a clear mission of helping you determine your specific company objectives. It doesn’t matter whether you want more sales, bookings, or email subscribers. We are here to help you achieve your goals and make the most of your advertising campaigns.