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10 Common PPC Mistakes to Avoid When Running PPC Ads

10 Common PPC Mistakes to Avoid When Running PPC Ads

Are you considering running a PPC ads campaign for your business in 2023? If you fall into this category of people, you should be aware of the common mistakes marketers make when using this type of advertising. 

Pay per click advertising is a powerful tool that can increase business visibility, drive traffic, and raise conversions if applied with deliberate speed. While the rules and tactics of SEO might change continually across search engines and social media platforms, one should keep in touch with the latest trends and avoid basic errors that could fail.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising allows businesses to reach their target audience effectively through the natural selection of related keywords. Ads appear on search engine results pages highlighted as “sponsored” or “ad.” Sponsors pay only when users click through, a pay per click advertising model. Google Ads permits fine-tuned targeting, making it possible to focus on certain demographics or locations and schedule ads to run at specific times of the day. This control allows tailored campaigns to connect with customers who fit best.

Importance of PPC Ads for Businesses

The key advantage of Pay Per Click advertising for companies is that it allows businesses to reach their target customers. To begin with, it increases your product visibility by placing your ad conspicuously at the core of search results. This comes in handy most for those shoppers who are actively in the market for your type of business. Let’s say that you operate a bakery and you employ PPC to make your bakery appear at the top of the search results when users want to find cupcakes nearby or the best in town. This exposure can bring more traffic to your website and potentially lead to sales.

In addition to this, PPC ads provide instant results rather than organic searches due to the time-consuming ranking climb. This immediacy is priceless for new ventures or product launches, aiding them to garner traffic and leads quickly. PPC ads have many unique control and flexibility features as the last of all. Companies have a daily budget option. They can use demographics or locations to fine-tune the targeting and run an A/B test on the ad copies to test which performs the best.

10 PPC Mistakes Companies Should Avoid

While it is vital to understand which PPC techniques to drop and which ones to use, a good PPC Ads Agency can help marketers immensely. 

Not Using Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords comprise search phrases made up of longer sentences and in some cases, reflect the user’s final intent so as to make a sale or conversion. More often than not, they’re cheaper, more specific and safer for businesses to use since they’re the industry giants that dominate harder to rank and top search results. Using long-tail keywords will assist you with focusing on your customer base and breaking down the big market into segments, which might be surprising if you aim to sell as many products as possible.

Lack Of Specific Campaign Goals

One of the most common errors in pay per click advertising is not setting specific objectives. Without clear objectives, it is impossible to assess success or understand progress. Before going live with your PPC campaign, determine your objectives and decide on the metrics you’ll use to assess progress towards those targets.

Not Testing And Trackings Metrics

The other mistake to avoid while creating a PPC campaign is not testing metrics and tracking. It is imperative to monitor the performance of your ads to determine which ones work and which ones need to be adjusted. Also, you should test and explore various ad copies, images, and audience targeting options to ensure your campaigns’ success. Without testing and tracking metrics, you cannot make right-minded decisions about your campaigns.

Making Technical Mistakes

Technical errors are among the most common ones to avoid during pay per click advertising campaigns. Misusing technical features can include anything from incorrect ad targeting to incorrect keyword bidding. Verify that all of your settings are working and that your ads are being seen by the right audiences and not wasted on irrelevant searches.

Ignoring the Quality Score

The quality score is the main indicator of your position within the Google Ads system and directly determines your ads’ cost and visibility. A higher quality score entails a lower cost per click, which gives you a competitive advantage and can benefit your company. Given its magnitude, you need to continually monitor and optimise your quality scores in order to maintain sustainable growth and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Bad Ad Copy

Poorly constructed ads cause low click-through rates and waste sponsored content money. Your ad copy’s headline and description must be compelling enough to attract the user’s attention while clearly explaining what the advertiser is offering. In addition, you need to speak the language that will motivate your target audience and ensure that your copywriting aligns with the keywords you have chosen.

Not Using Optimized Landing Pages

Your landing page must be built on how users experience it and customised for the specific ad they have clicked. It should cover necessary information on your product or service and a clear call to action. If you have a poor landing page, then the conversion of visitors into customers will not be as high as it should be.

Trying To Do Too Much

A regular problem that newcomers into the PPC field face is that they will bid on everything and anything. This is wrong as it may imply money down the drain and poor return on investment. Keywords highly relevant to your business need to be your primary focus, specifically targeting them. Let us focus here on keyword terms with a buying intention, not on those that aim to research your product or service.

Not Using Exact Match Keywords

If you are creating a PPC ads campaign, the exact match keywords should be included to ensure that the audiences who see your ads are the most appropriate. Exact matching keywords allow you to attract customers who are searching for particular terms and expressions that are relevant to your business. Without the exact match keyword, you could be literally spending a lot of money on an irrelevant search.

Not Using Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are one of the keys to any PPC ads campaign. However, many marketing experts ignore them. Negative words help you exclude some words and phrases from your campaigns so that your ads will not appear in front of those who are looking for those specific words.

 By doing so, you can only target the most relevant audience, thereby enhancing efficiency and helping you save on wasted ad spend.


PPC ads is a valuable tool for businesses to attract website traffic and fulfil their marketing objectives. On the other hand, overcoming typical mistakes is a prerequisite of an effective campaign. Achieving better results from your PPC campaigns involves understanding the fundamentals of pay per click advertising, recognising and addressing the traps, and incorporating the best practices. Be sure to take time to research the best keyword, create captivating ad copy, optimise your landing pages, set a budget, and track your conversions to realise the full potential of PPC advertising.



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